Build a theological foundation

studying the Father God, the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

It is with this desire, to send Ambassadors into the Harvest, that Ambassadors for ACBS was established.

Ambassadors For Christ Bible School (ACBS) was started to equip labourers for the Harvest. Jesus. The school is designed so anyone desiring to learn about God through His Word can do so. By studying the Word of God, the individual believer will be equipped to do the work of the ministry, which is the Great Commission. We are all called to be witnesses for Jesus Christ and what He accomplished on man’s behalf. To be effective in witnessing, we must study what he said and did for us. The scripture on which the school is founded is John 4:35
which says, “…behold I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white for harvest.” And 2Corinthians 5:20 “therefore we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.” Let us show ourselves worthy of the calling by studying.

LEARN about our founder

Dr. Gaetano Sicilia is Senior Pastor of Bible Faith Church. He has been in full-time ministry since 1994 expanding BFC to three campuses across the GTA as well preaching the gospel all around the world.



I want to welcome all the students, to Ambassadors for Christ Bible School (ACBS). These are exciting times in which to live. God is preparing for Himself a mighty army of strong, bold, and faithful workers to do the work of the Ministry. It is with this knowledge that ACBS was started, to prepare laborers for the great harvest.

As you begin your journey in learning, I would like to share with you a scripture that God has been ministering to me, Psalm 65:11 “You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.” (LVB) As you walk on this, His path for the next ten months, remember that there is an abundance for you, and even the hard things are made easy.

I pray that God crowns your efforts and prospers all that you put your hand to do.  Dr. Gaetano Sicilia

LEARN about our Dean

Natalie Sicilia is the Associate Pastor of BibleFaithChurch. And overseas several departments in the three campuses.

Natalie's formal education includes an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, a Minor in History, and a Bachelor of Education Degree from York University in Toronto.


 Natalie Sicilia is the Canadian director of One World Mission (OWM) Canada, an international missionary outreach organization.


I want to welcome you, to Ambassadors for Christ Bible School (ACBS)! This will be a very special time, not only for you as students but also for everyone involved in ACBS. It will be a year for growth and advancement for all of us.
You will be taught by anointed and seasoned Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They will not only teach you by precept but also by their lifestyle and example. It is up to each one of you individually and as a student body to draw from the anointing that they bring. As you prepare to come to each class, come expecting, and as you do, you will see God draw deep from within each teacher by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the demand you place on the Spirit. I would like you to know that as you go through this next year of school I am available to assist you.

I am and will be praying for your success in every area of life.     Natalie Sicilia


The instructors of ACBS are anointed and skilled Ministers, who have proven themselves in their individual calling.

They all currently work in the Ministry as Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Itinerant Speakers or Missionaries.

Together these instructors bring with them a wealth of experience and wisdom.
The instructors come from Canada, the United States, and Europe.



To equip and send AMBASSADORS into the harvest PEOPLE WHO will take the Word and GO into all their world and give life.

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